Technology & Data Specialist

Bronx, NY


South Bronx Community Charter High School is a high school borne out of the Young Men’s Initiative in New York City, committed to dramatically increasing the educational opportunities and outcomes for young men and women in the South Bronx. South Bronx Community fosters deeper learning and promotes social justice in a culturally responsive and competency-based learning environment. 

Key Learning Model Elements:

Some notable elements of our school model include the following principles and practices:

We are competency-based: SBC organizes teaching and learning around a critical set of skills that students need for academic, career and life success. Teaching involves making learning targets explicit, providing students with the time and support required to reach their goals, and a process of continuous feedback. We use a mastery-based approach to grading so that students have a clear understanding of what they know and are able to do. On progress reports, students see the skills they are working on and their proficiency levels, rather than course titles and letter grades.

We are culturally responsive: At SBC, strong relationships between staff and students are at the core of our learning model. We implement an advisory and rites of passage program that helps to strengthen relationships throughout all aspects of the school including our pedagogical approaches, routines and practices. Group mentoring takes place for an extended block of time every week.

We are human-centered and adaptive: At SBC, we encourage the development of all members of the school community and provide opportunities for sharing strengths and talents to enhance individual and collective performance. Significant time is built in to all staff schedules for collaborative planning and tuning of curriculum, supported by improvement science methodology and protocols. 

We are holistic in terms of integrating academic, social and emotional and professional skills: SBC integrates social and emotional learning into our competency framework. We strive to make all learning experiences interdisciplinary and inclusive of these skills so that students are prepared for college, careers and community. Being able to manage your relationships and demonstrate leadership can be just as important to success in life as many academic and technical skills.

Key Staff Qualities:

SBC seeks talented professionals with demonstrated desire and capacity to:

Work in community every day – All learning experiences are interdisciplinary and so staff must be motivated to co-facilitate and co-plan with their colleagues.

Practice social justice – Design, facilitate and participate in experiences and conversations that relate to race, gender, class, & sexual identity in ways that empower students and foster community. 

Be open to new roles – All staff co-lead group mentoring sessions every week with a small group of students that they support through all four years of high school.

Fail forward – We try new approaches to achieve breakthrough results. All staff contribute to, and learn from, these experiences.

Lead through uncertainty – In order to achieve dramatically better outcomes for young people, sometimes there is no precedent for the strategies we employ. We need staff that can demonstrate leadership in uncharted waters.

Technology and Data Specialist

The role of the Technology & Data Specialist is to support the collection and analysis of school data and complete compliance reporting. The Technology & Data Specialist will be the first point of contact for all technology hardware and software-related helpdesk issues. He/she/they will also support operations at the school level by working closely with the Operations & Academic teams. The Specialist will also be a thought partner in strategic technology plan discussions. 

Key Responsibilities and Accountability:

Support School Level Data Systems 

  • Perform systems administrator roles in essential implementation or upgrades. Ensure the effective management of various data platforms (set-up, sync, clean, update, monitor, etc.)

  • Collaborate with school leadership, staff, and the Operations Team to manage preparation of semester report cards and progress reports

  • Create and refine trackers and templates to collect information pertaining to centralized school data

Compliance Reporting

  • Compile and submit relevant data for all city, state and local compliance reporting

  • Work with school leaders to maintain accurate reporting records 

  • Create and refine trackers and templates to collect information pertaining to compliance reports

Support Mastery-Based Grading System

  • Oversee use of learning management system (LMS) by staff and students to align with mastery-based grading system; provide group and individual support in areas needed

  • Monitor and archive the use of attainments and trends in attainment offerings across classes and grades

  • Export information from LMS monthly to format and analyze student performance data

Level 1 Technology Support

  • Support in managing third-party vendor web helpdesk.

  • Tracking general troubleshooting inquiries for hardware/software problems to staff and families. 

  • Provide local support and troubleshooting for information and database systems used within the organization.

  • Assist in leading staff-wide professional development presentations on technology, software & application. 

  • Provide support and training on implementation of technology curriculum and tech equipment in the classroom.

Network & Hardware Management

  • Work with the Operations Team using existing platforms to maintain hardware inventory

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues with technological devices in classrooms

  • Work with with the Operations team to oversee yearly maintenance and repair of devices

  • Manage on/off-boarding of staff and students on hardware and software

  • Conduct training of employees on hardware and software

  • Prepare hardware for on-site computer-based testing.

  • Communicate with third-party network vendors to troubleshoot network repairs.

  • Manage distribution of loaner laptops, collection and updating of distribution database

Core Competencies:

  • Must have the ability to manage multiple projects while working with definite interruptions

  • Must be highly, detail oriented and accuracy-driven to meet deadlines and set priorities

  • Must have familiarity with various digital teaching, learning, and communication platforms including Google Suite

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships

  • Must collaborate with multiple departments/diverse groups/vendors while maintaining confidentiality

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area

  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures (related to technology and data practices)

  • Experience manipulating large datasets (working with raw data preferred)

  • Strong visual design skills.

  • Experience working on a cross-functional team / with multiple stakeholders.

  • Minimum of 2 year experience in assessment, and evaluation services and data management.

  • 2 years of experience as an effective, impactful classroom teacher a plus

  • Familiarity with learning management systems (e.g. Schoology).

  • Familiarity utilizing a broad range of student information systems (e.g. Powerschool), academic assessment tools and data housing (e.g. Schoology) and survey platforms.